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The Real Tea Party

To my surprise this afternoon, Chris and Annika were enjoying a spot of tea. Now that’s a Tea Party I can get behind!


well, that’s interesting

Turns out that I can embed a slide-show.  It’s grabbing an album (they call ’em Sets) from Flickr, so it’s bit redundant with the feed over there on the right.  But it’s lets us share a particular group in this pretty and fancy way.

Statch Me

During an early morning of coffee (me), sippy cup (her) and cartoons (us), Annika walked over to the fireplace and sat on the hearth.  Out of nowhere she declared “statch-me, careful”. Totally confused I must’ve asked her to repeat herself a zillion times, trying with great earnest to understand what she was saying.  I’d repeat what I heard, she’s look at me and shake her head, “No, statch-me”..and then it happened. She scooted closer to the STATUE she was sitting next to and gently touching it, “Statch-me careful no break”.

“The statue?”

“Yes! Statch-Me”

It appears that we continue to swim deep in the murky waters of Pronoun Confusion.


So I’ve been playing with Instagram for a couple of months. To say it’s a great way to play with and share images just doesn’t do it justice.

Earning her keep

Earning her keep

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If you can see this then I’m one step closer to making my life a lot more streamlined.

As you know, this is Annika. We like to make sure that she earns her keep. A massive amount of snow fell today. By late morning it was Recess Time so we all got our snow gear on and headed out. Here’s Miss A doing her part.

Hey People!

We’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and embrace a new blog.  We could wax poetic about our dreams, our goals, our favorite moment in that little tropical village.  But no, you are here for Annika.  You want news, you want photos. We get it.  We are happy to oblige.

You’re welcome!