3333 miles, 3 time zones and 1 box of tissues

Several clues that we have arrived in the Bay Area:

  • KFOG’s 10@10 celebrated Chinese New Year with songs featuring animals of the zodiac.  My favorite, Iggy Pop’s, “I Wanna Be You Dog”.
  • Driving a healthy freeway speed and being passed….on the right.
  • Hearing a bundled up mom at a park complain about the cold weather while watching a barefoot Annika skid down the slide. It was 60 by the way.

Yes…sunshine, great food, semi-clogged freeways and a steady stream of visits with family and friends. 

 If only we hadn’t travelled with The Cold.  No sooner did we arrive and being to thaw our winter bones up than we were suddenly coughing and sneezing. The good news is that we are in the helpful hands of family who made sure we had steady streams of tea and tissues.  Also helpful, enoying unseasonably warm weather at local parks AND playdates with kiddo friends who are also recovering from The Cold.  Never thought I’d love hearing “We’d love to see you, [name of friend’s child] is getting over that too!” so much. 

Happily, we’re on the mend and enjoying every minute of it. 

[hint to my family: don’t forget to check out the Flickr feed to see photos of our shenanigans. the More Photos link takes you to the site]

One response to “3333 miles, 3 time zones and 1 box of tissues

  1. Flicker? Isn’t that the mechanism to move a booger in the direction of a not so favorite friend? See you Saturday and Annika will be a fresh face at the Oakland zoo. Can’t wait.

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