Day 4 in Paradise: In lieu of enjoying a trip to Hilo to visit with Tom, Jill and Evan, we enjoyed the ER in Waimea for poor Miss Cough-a-Lot.

Good News is that she has a cold that she will eventually get over…how many weeks has it been now?

Bad News is that she has a nasty ear infection in both ears. Guess the cold bugs took shelter in her ears.

In any event, she’s a champ. She endured being confined in the oddest contraption for her chest xrays. In exchange, she got meds and some stickers.

We got peace of mind and a copy of the xrays! How’s *that* for a souvenir?

One response to “Ahhhh…Paradise

  1. At best it’s factual record of a visit. Maybe she’s due for tubes in the ears? Salt water is a good for the sinus and ears. Not the lungs or digestive system though. It’s raining here on a Friday night. Darn winters on So. CA. Enjoy the Island.

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