And then it happened…

Tonight it happened. After dinner, we are playing with Annika’s dollhouse when she decided to add some friends to the mix. The girls needed a place to sleep for the slumber party and then it hit me. A moment later, I showed Annika her newest accessory. The famous Bargello sleeping bag that Dodo made me, oh well over 30years ago. Annika declared it hers and immediately took it from my hands and went straight to work.
I knew the moment would come…I just didn’t know when.


2 responses to “And then it happened…

  1. Oh, cherish those sweet moments!! Now let me go and wipe away the tears!!

  2. Good news and a great photo. Maybe this “template” will also bring her some good luck and some skills in crafts and sewing……….with some help from her momma.

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