Monthly Archives: June 2011

Welcome Back Liz!

As of a few weeks ago, Liz (LIZ!) is home for the summer which means that we have part-time/at-home childcare twice a week.  To know Liz is to love Liz. Back in the day, I thought I was a pretty awesome nanny…and then Liz came into our lives.

Together, she and Annika embark on some fun journeys; Curtis Cove of the beautiful days, Springer’s on the rainy days, walks to The Fish Net for lunch, picnics  and playdates at the park, and last week’s trip to Birdsacre Sanctuary in Ellsworth. Even here at home, they hatch plans of high adventure making use of every square inch of the house and the yard.

Annika is thrilled to bits to be in Liz’s company.  On the days they are together, I might as well be invisible.  A lesser mom might have her feelings hurt.  Me, I couldn’t be happier.

So how did the magical Liz come into our lives? Last spring, I asked for a referral from a friend who works with a lot of really motivated and talented students.  I knew that she’d know the right kids who’d want some summer work.  Lo and behold, she smiled when I asked, knew just the person and a few days later the phone rang.  It was Liz introducing herself. A few weeks later we met…everyone hit it off…and the rest is history.  We are forever in debt to the friend who made the introduction. She knows that I owe her one.

Everyone with a child should be so lucky to have a Liz in their lives.