Must be Summah’ (part one)

  • I was one of three cars waiting for the first vehicle to turn left.We must’ve waited at least one minute!
  • You find yourself needing to actually choose which party or event to attend.
  • People I did not recognize outnumbered the people I did recognize at the grocery store.
  • RVs, the sleeping giants on the road, gently lumbering through town.
  • Well dressed parents stroll across Main Street with their well-dressed kids.  At least one person is wearing white pants, another wearing plaid shorts.  [Must be a rule when one travels to New England in the summertime.]
  • Shopping carts filled with “vacation food”, an assortment of disposable goods and bottled water at the grocery store.
  • Waiting for a table at a restaurant!

These aren’t complaints, oh no.  For about 8 weeks our lives in this quite little town by the sea get a bit hustle-bustle.  The population feels like it triples and suddenly we are looking for parking and waiting in lines.  It’s a nice feeling.  It’s like mingling at a party.  The influx feels great, because it’s short.  Soon enough everyone will go back from wherever they came. Soon enough we can drive from one end of Main Street to the other and know (or at least recognize) every person that you see along the way.


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