the potty files

At a certain point this morning, she decided that she’d rather be sans clothing and sans diaper. As usual, we asked her the usual question, “And what will you do when you have to pee or poop?”. Pavlovian response = “I’ll go to the potty!!!!”

Three hours and at least six self-administered and “I need help” potty-times later and I think we are on to something. We’ve been working on this for a while now.

I finally put a diaper back on her when she declared herself done. She sat down to eat a snack/lunch and said that she was worried about peeing on the chair. I took it as a hint that she was done with this episode of remembering to stop everything and “go”.

She usually isn’t encouraged to be sans everything for so long in the house…ugly carpet is still carpet…but the timing and vibe was right.

I’ll leave you with this. At one point I offered her Big Girl Panties. We do this regularly. It’s like our very own Abbott & Costello routine that goes nowhere fast but full of laughs. This time she decided that the best place for them was…not on her body…but under her pillow?

I’m curious about what she thinks is going to happen after her nap.


One response to “the potty files

  1. She’s just developing her vision. Sleep on it.

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