Must be Summah’ (part 3)

So, it’s a well known fact that weather in Maine can turn on a dime. Moving here, I was told that if I didn’t like the weather, I should just wait 5 minutes. Especially here on the coast. It can be a gorgeous day with a hint, a suggestion of grey…and then suddenly the clouds gather and you realize that your raincoat is conveniently still hanging in the mudroom. Likewise, what appears nasty and foreboding can suddenly break and grant you blue skies and rainbows.

Such was the case last weekend. Mountain Day is an annual event celebrating the awesomeness of our very own Blue Hill Mountain (it’s true classification as a mountain still perplexes me). There’s yoga at the summit, a fun run, plus an assortment of food and entertainment on the meadow. What wasn’t to look forward to on this Sunday in early-August.

Chris had Sealight duties so I planned a late-morning adventure (read: let’s go play and run around on the mountain so that Annika has a giant nap, grant me some time to work). Blue went grey, a light mist began falling, and I still asked Annika if she wanted to go for a walk. The mere suggestion had her out the door. We suited up. It was warm and a rain layer would be needed. By the time we parked, the rain was falling a bit more.

“It’s raining Annika. Do you still want to go for a walk?”
“Yes, Mama.”

Also consider that summer in Maine arrives with an obligation to enjoy every little bit that you can. The season is short and so many things ONLY happen this time of year so one best get crackin’. This also leaves little room for suggesting, “Oh let’s do that next weekend.” Why? Because next weekend will likely present itself with another amazing array of events.

And why not, right?

And then it rained a bit harder.

It’s not long around here that you find yourself in the company and friends. A short walk to the meadow and we were greeted with “AHHHHHHHHNNIKAAAAAAAAAA” by a very wet and very happy Emily. The rest of the Young Posse was there, Elizabeth beaming as usual, the boys cozily tucked inside the stroller bubble and Chris wondering why all us crazy people are Just Standing Around in the Rain Chatting. Sure we ducked under pop-up tents that the food folks had set up…but really. It’s Maine…and it’s raining…and dry clothes are but a few minutes away….whatever. It’s also difficult to explain to an almost 3-year-old the logical benefits of staying dry.

And then it rained a bit harder.

So we decided to go for a walk.

Annika and Emily were terribly impressed with StoryWalk. We were delighted to find one of Annika’s favorite books, Down to the Sea with Mr. McGee as the book we could enjoy on our walk. The Young Posse had the good sense to head home. As for Annika and I, well, we made it to the end of the book and turned ourselves around at the start of the trailhead that takes you up the mountain. If it had been a sunny day, we would’ve had quite a view from even that point.

Hearty girls they are.

While it was great to see friends and pick up some food to enjoy later at home, the rain finally came down hard enough that it pretty much shut down the event. By the time we made it back to the car, we were soaked.

An hour later it was hot and sunny.


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