She turns 3

The big day has long since passed and a short stack of Left To Be Written thank you notes remind us that there is some unfinished business to attend to. This being one of them.

This is where we sigh and fondly recall a pregnancy, a birth, and the cruel speed of time. Yesterday she didn’t know that she had hands and today she’s trying to unlock the mystery that is snapping.  One minute she is bravely scaling whatever she can climb (in some sort of sparkly number no less) and the next she’s curled up in our arms, letting out a sigh that we will always know as hers.

No grand slideshow of photo amazingness here. In fact, we really need to remember to either stage a few pics or nominate someone to be the photographer. Still, a few highlights to share. Top: Annika and Ira doing “roll-pollies” down the hill. Middle: Chris and Annika blowing out the candles. Yes we made cupcakes and no, the stand isn’t mine. Bottom: Some of our friends and family who joined us.

Somewhere, there is a picture of us all together.  We somehow manage to get one each year and hope it surfaces soon.

The morning was looking gloomy and turned out spectacular. Annika’s birthday pals Spencer & Wyatt had their 1st birthday party earlier in the day (we love that she also shares her day with Cousin Erin…maybe someday we can celebrate together!). We love that Team Young live so close (and are convinced that at some point Annika and Emily will realize just how close and manage to bushwhack their way to each other’s houses through a grove of trees, a field or two and some unsuspecting neighbor’s yard) and that we got to enjoy not one but two birthday parties (in one day!!!) for 3 awesome kiddos.

I should also mention that the casual shrug of “oh let’s keep it simple and have a little party here” is downright comical…especially when one factors in the need to have a What If It Rains plan. Happily, we enjoyed a balmy (and bug-free) summer evening, great food (yes, there were skewers involved and no, no child was harmed…many were delighted in fact) and the company of many wonderful people.  We are lucky and grateful for so much.

If the year before you is anything like the birthday you have, then Annika is destined for another year of love, laughter, family and friends.


One response to “She turns 3

  1. Howdy.
    What a great adventure. The photos came out like mosaic tiles though. Mybe you can resend them separately? And how was her first day at school? And a few more photos?
    Love ya,Dad.

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