We’ve resumed our Monday morning playdates.  It’s a great way to start the week and see friends.  An added bonus is that it gives Annika the continuity of seeing “old” friends as she adjusts to a part-time preschool schedule with her “new” friends.

This past week, we were at Casa Young.  Elizabeth suggested some late-morning cookie making for the girls and I’m not sure who was more excited!  I also offered to document the morning’s events knowing full well that Elizabeth takes great joy in giving me a hard time about the zillion images I have of our children that I can’t seem to upload in a timely fashion (I keep telling her that I’m saving the good ones for their high school graduations).  So here I am, within the week! [Elizabeth is a far better and more prolific blogger, and don’t forget, you will likely learn more about Annika’s world there than you will here.]

A batch of dough, a TON of cookie cutters, some brightly colored frosting and a handful of food safety violations later we had happy girls all hopped up on sugar. And, with all the cookie cutters flying, with Annika and Emily earnestly trying to work the dough, I didn’t notice that Elizabeth and thoughtfully punched out the letters to make the girls’ names.   It was perfect.

Think any cookies made it home?  Not a chance.


One response to “Cookietime!

  1. And the well dressed Diva can bake too?
    Is there no end to the creativity?
    Love to all.

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