Mudroom 2.0

Coming from the West Coast, I didn’t truly understand the gravity and importance of such a room.  Entry-Schmentry, right?  Wrong. One’s mudroom says a lot about one’s home.  The mere existence of one simply says,

“Hi, welcome to our house. Now ditch all that stuff that’s bound be dirty/wet/snowy/muddy and get inside where it’s cozy.”

The mudroom at our house was built by someone long ago after the house was built.  In the warmer months, it’s a downright pleasant stop on your way inside.  During the colder months, it’s pretty awesome too.  Coming in from the cold it’s large enough to shake off the elements and peel off the layers.  Exiting the house is another thing. It’s not heated.  This means that we snatch what we need and let it temper “in the house”  before putting it on.  Sound silly?  You try putting on a down coat that been in a refrigerator all night so that you can go outside and get the mail in a snowstorm.

So we’ve been in our little house in Blue Hill for almost 2 years to the day.  During that time we’ve focused most of our efforts on a complete demo and renovation of the basement and it’s requisite hardscaping for the walk-out (seems the term “patio” isn’t used this far north of the Mason-Dixon).

Except for some painting and a bit of this and that, most of the upstairs (the main floor) is largely untouched.  Because there’s the industrial-strength blue dorm carpeting that runs through most of the house…and once you pull that up, there’s no stopping…but what to replace it with?  And then there are the zillion older windows that need replacing at some point for something more efficient.

But the mudroom. The colder weather is nipping at our heels and I just couldn’t face another season passing through the space looking like it’s disheveled self.  A few little fixes, a coat of paint, and a few new accessories later, it’s like we’ve been in one of those home improvement shows.

So during my mom’s last visit, we tackled this little space (Thanks again, Mama!).  And wow, what a difference.  A fresh coat of paint and trim, a new light, more than enough hooks, a curtained area to store more coats and vests and off-season stuff (because looking at snow-boots in July is depressing)…and did we mention that Annika has hooks of her own?  At her height?  Talk about self-sufficiency!


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