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Bags are getting packed…toys are being rounded up…a the last of the sand is being shaken out of our things.

We head back to California in the morning. Will post some tales later. Until then, pop on over to that Flickr thingamajig to see some gems of our time here.

Ps: “Papa-sickles” refers to Annika’s way of pronouncing the word Popsicles. She’s had a fee here and loved their sticky wonderfulness.



Day 4 in Paradise: In lieu of enjoying a trip to Hilo to visit with Tom, Jill and Evan, we enjoyed the ER in Waimea for poor Miss Cough-a-Lot.

Good News is that she has a cold that she will eventually get over…how many weeks has it been now?

Bad News is that she has a nasty ear infection in both ears. Guess the cold bugs took shelter in her ears.

In any event, she’s a champ. She endured being confined in the oddest contraption for her chest xrays. In exchange, she got meds and some stickers.

We got peace of mind and a copy of the xrays! How’s *that* for a souvenir?