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Family and monkeys and art…oh my!

So, last Saturday. What better way to spend it than with waffles, monkeys and LEDs?

My dad, Nick (a.k.a. G’Pa) flew up for the weekend. He hadn’t seen us since our last visit over a year ago and it was high time that he set his new bionic eyes on Little Miss Thang.

Breakfast = Ole’s Waffle Shop. Not only an entry on our While We’re In The Bay Area list, but a new destination for my dad. They might as well call it Ole’s Strawberry and Bacon Shop as that’s all Annika was interested in eating.

Airport. Check.

Waffles. Check.

Next stop…Oakland Zoo. Now back in my day, it was the Knowland Park Zoo. Also, back in my day, the zoo was a bit hoopdie. At some point it got a kick in the pants and infusion of cash. A zillion years later the rounded concrete animal habitats are showing signs of age but gracefully doing so. The greenery of the park has matured greatly. A once bare and tidy landscape is now thick and lush. Together, with the aging buildings, some sections look almost post apocalyptic. As though the animals moved into a long forgotten place. It’s really very cool.

Oh and the animals? Annika was all laughter and giggles. This was her first zoo visit afterall. Though we did find it odd, that upon walking up to the zebras, she acknowledged them with “Zebras….next” and walked off almost as quickly as she walked up.

The famous Sky Ride was a huge hit. Who doesn’t love looking down on all those animals?

Faced with staying to visit the Children’s area or leaving to get some lunch, we recited my friend Julie’s advice on parenting, “Leave when they’re happy”. And we did.

Lunch (is the guy at Genova going to keep letting us in??) and a bit more visiting later, it was time to get G’Pa on BART and over to Hayward for a visit with my grandfather and uncle.

And because we just didn’t have enough to enjoy in one day, we had a party to attend. Our visit west coincided with the annual Sun Brothers open house. Introducing Annika not only to a bevvy of folks from our Burning Man past, but also some amazing art was a treat. If only we could’ve stayed late enough to show her the fire sculptures.